Turkish Professional League of Legends Team

The Turkish branch of Riot Games has decided to ban a team from their nation, Galatasaray Esports, from participating in the TCL during the spring session. It is currently unknown how long the ban will be in effect, or whether the issues surrounding the ban will be corrected and result in an immediate lifting of the ban.

The ban of Galatasaray Esports results from the fact that the management service has not paid its salary to the professional team. Due to their inability to pay their players, Riot will no longer allow them to compete on a professional level. The tweet above is the official statement from the Turkish branch of LoLesports, @LoLespor. Roughly translated into English, it reads as follows:

“Galatasaray Espor’s right to participate in the league has been suspended during the 2020 winter season. The league will be played with 9 teams in the 2020 winter season. Details of the article. (The article linked here is in Turkish). Turkish Professional League of Legends Team Galatasaray Esports Has Been Banned from the TCL

In the details of the article, the authorities responsible for the ban explain their reasoning, as well as details of the time they gave the team to resolve their problems. In doing so, they answer the above question on how to lift the ban: “Galatasaray Espor’s right to participate in the Vodafone FreeZone Championship League in the summer of 2020 will be reassessed according to the steps to be followed in accordance with our expectations. We will share the details with you again on this media. ”

So we now know that the legitimacy of the team will be reconsidered after the end of the spring season, looking more towards the summer. Assuming they have successfully secured the ability to pay their staff well, they will then be reintegrated into the league.