Monkey King: Hero Is Back Receives Its Second DLC Expansion

Monkey King: Hero is Back has officially released their second song from DLC, titled Episode 2: Mind Palace. Published by THQ Nordic and Oasis Games, Monkey King: Hero is Back is an action adventure game based on the incredibly popular Chinese animated film of the same name. The game was released on PlayStation 4 and PC earlier this year, and although it received mixed reviews from critics, the game was a moderate success for both companies.

The game’s first DLC, released in November, gave players the opportunity to explore the events that led to the main story of the video game. This time, the latest expansion allows players to discover the history of the time of the Great Sage enclosed in a crystal ball. During the centuries he was locked up, he entered a Mind Palace to continue his training and prepare for the day when he could escape from his crystal prison. Monkey King: Hero Is Back Receives Its Second DLC Expansion, Titled MIND PALACE The latest DLC takes you on a journey to escape the crystal ball. Along the way, you will meet new enemies, traps and challenges very different from those found in the main game.

Monkey King: Hero is Back follows Monkey King owner Sun Wukong as he undertakes various quests that follow the events of the film. The game also introduced a number of video game-specific subplots and adventures, allowing players to further explore the traditions of the Monkey King. The game offers 10 levels, each with its own environment to explore and bosses to face.

The game has received very mixed reviews from the public and critics. Some praised the characters and visuals of the game, as well as the fluid combat system. Others, however, have been very critical of the game’s lack of content and revolutionary bugs. However, since the initial launch of the game, the developers have released a number of fixes to fix bugs and performance issues.