An Official Pokémon Sword And Pokémon Shield Guidebook

Sometimes even the publishers of a video game are mistaken about the content of the game. The publisher of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield, The Pokémon Company, apologized after several errors were found in a Japanese guide to the game. The book, “Pokémon Sword Shield Official Guide Book Complete Story Strategies + Garal Encyclopedia”, failed to go through the ready-to-use editing process.

It was published on December 7, 2019 by Overlap Co., Ltd. and quickly received many negative comments. The Pokémon company, in a letter posted on its Japanese website, stated that “the data and data provided by Pokémon Co., Ltd. at the time of editing work are incorrect. Yes, and it turned out that there were several errors on this basis. ” An Official Pokémon Sword And Pokémon Shield Guidebook Is Riddled With Errors, The Pokemon Company Apologizes.

The Pokémon company has published a PDF on its website, which lists all the errors in the book. It is quite surprising that no one detected the errors, even if several parts were included in the production of the book. Well, who knows how The Pokémon Company will alleviate the problem? Besides the PDF they have published, will they start reprinting books with the right information, or will they make it a learning experience?

It would be a costly mistake to correct if they start reprinting books, so that they could end up continuing to sell what’s on the shelves, and every new book produced in the future will have the information changed. Also, who knows how many people have spent time following the guide’s instructions and have been lost. Fortunately, it only takes a little online research to get an answer, but having an incorrect guide isn’t optimal for Japanese players!